Growth marketers are always in need of software that helps them increase their channels, optimize their lead generation, convert those leads into customers, and nurture those customers.

Let's look at some of the best marketing tools in different categories: site feedback, analytics, engagement, automation, data enrichment and analysis, social media management, and advertisement.

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Markup Hero: Provide Feedback, Share Ideas, and Collaborate

We're biased here, but with over 25,000 subscribers, and 20% of them marketing professionals, Markup Hero is the go to tool that growth marketing teams use day in and day out.

Over 5,000 Marketing Professionals Trust Markup Hero

Markup Hero helps professionals and teams capture ideas and communicate clearly with their daily-use screenshot and annotation tools. You don't even need an account to try it out. Snap screenshots with their free desktop app or Chrome extension and upload images or PDF's from their web interface. Then add annotations like arrows, boxes, text, highlights, callouts and much more.

Annotate Almost Anything with Markup Hero

Markup Hero is great for a ton of use cases; from user feedback and customer service to marketing review, sales communication and product QA. Just about every remote worker should have a screenshot and annotation tool in their toolbox. Markup Hero is a great option because it's lightning fast, works on Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook and desktop or mobile web.

Approval Signatures on Markup Hero

Plus, it works with many of your daily productivity apps like Slack and has some slick integrations like Google Drive which enables you to annotate Google Docs, Sheets and Slides directly from drive with one-click.

Collaborate and Share with Markup Hero

Markup Hero is perfect for entrepreneurs, product managers, project managers, designers, customer service agents, executives, sales people and anyone in a collaborative environment.

PRO TIP: Learn more about all of Markup Hero's tools and use cases here or try it instantly for free, no account, no credit card required.

Some of Markup Hero's features include:

  • Screenshots, Upload Images, PDF's, URL's
  • Always Editable Markups
  • Forever History and Tags
  • Text, Callout, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Pen, Colors, Line Thickness, Crop, Resize Canvas
  • Insert Images
  • Sharable Links
  • Copy, Download & Duplicate
  • Unlimited markups, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth

Markup Hero is only $5/month and you can try it out for free.

Hotjar: Gain Insights Into Your User Behavior

Hotjar is one of the most popular tools for growth marketers, as it allows you to see how users interact with your website through an easy to use software.


Hotjar tracks user activity on your website through heatmaps, click maps, and surveys. This feature helps you understand what tools customers enjoy using, and what aspects of your site need improvement. This information can help you improve the user experience, leading to even more engagement.

Hotjar allows you to discover what problems lay on your website and gives you a clear path to fixing them, allowing you to optimize engagement..

SEO teams can utilize this tool to evaluate user interactions, reduce bounce rates and minimize Click Through Rate (CTR).Moreover, Hotjar employs user data to improve user experience through enhanced UI/UX.


  • Basic: Free for 35 daily sessions
  • Plus: $31/month for 100 daily sessions
  • Business: From $79/month for 500+ daily sessions
  • Scale: Negotiable for unlimited daily sessions

Segment: The Customer Data To Have

Segment is a management platform that allows you to track and collect your customer data.

It allows marketers to integrate third-party apps, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and HubSpot, into their workflow without continually logging in and out of each platform.

Segment also provides a unified view of all customer touchpoints , allowing you to see what happened before someone converted or interacted with your brand.


Segment has two main features:

  • Data collection: Segment collects information from various channels, including mobile apps or websites using an SDK (software development kit). The SDK is embedded into each channel's code. When customers visit these sites or use those apps, it automatically sends information back to Segment's servers without additional input from the user/company owner.
  • Data analytics: Once users have collected their data via Segment’s tools, they can then analyze this information through its analytics dashboard. The dashboard shows how many people downloaded an app during a specific time and other KPIs (key performance indicators). This helps marketers understand what content was most successful at acquiring new customers and which marketing channels were most effective for generating sales opportunities for their company's products/services.


  • Free: Up to 1000 visitors
  • Team: Starts at $120/month for 10000 visitors/month
  • Business: Custom Pricing

Brandwatch: Accelerate With The Aid of Socials

Brandwatch is a marketing automation tool that can streamline your customer journey, helping your marketing campaigns to become more effective.


Brandwatch is a tool that makes the marketing process more effective, efficient, and stress free. Its features allow you to:

  • Automate your email outreach process, so you can focus on other parts of the funnel that are more valuable to your business
  • Monitor all of your leads in one place, no matter where they came from or how they were generated
  • Identify new opportunities by analyzing the data collected from all of your campaigns


  • Essentials: $108/month
  • Consumer Intelligence, Social Media Management, and Full Site: Negotiable

LiveChat: Understand Your Customers Better

Live Chat is a great tool for customer service, sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

With the implementation of live chat on your website, you can engage with existing customers, potential customers, and those who simply want to know more about your business.


Live Chat allows you to answer questions in real-time online. Moreover, it allows you to convert these visitors into paying customers.

Live Chat’s functionalities allow you to more efficiently create leads in a more efficient way:

  • AI Automation: You can use chatbots to generate leads, create support requests, and connect with customers via several channels
  • Integration: Live Chat supports integration with more than 200 tools. You can combine it with your favorite tools in order to communicate, manage orders, and accept payments.
  • Real-Time Customer Support: You can combine AI to respond to customer messages instantly, but have an agent take over. As a result, Live Chat allows you to offer the unmatched customer service by always being ready to respond to customer inquiries.


  • Starter: $16/month/agent billed annually or $19/month
  • Team: $33/month/agent billed annually or $39/month
  • Business: $50/month/agent billed annually or $59/month
  • Enterprise: Individual Contract

Unbounce: Land To An Augmented ROI

Unbounce is a landing page software that allows you to create, manage and optimize your campaigns.


Unbounce excels in accomplishing the following:

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • A/B testing (of different alterations of your website or campaign)
  • Email marketing campaigns

Its features are carried out through its swift drag and drop system and integrations with other landing pages. Unbounce also offers customizable templates to design landing pages and pop-up windows to reach the intended audience.

Unbounce uses a robust tracking system that easily identifies potential customers. This feature helps to increase and thus convert more leads.


  • Launch: $90/month for up to 500 conversations
  • Optimize: $135/month for up to 1000 conversations
  • Accelerate: $225/month for up to 2500 conversations

Drift: The Right Conversation Cloud At The Right Time And The Right Place

Drift is a marketing automation tool for web and mobile apps. It helps create and personalize high-impact experiences for your visitors.


With its AI-powered Conversation Cloud, you can utilize one-on-one conversations with your customers in order to provide a superior and more unique service than before. Through Drift, growth marketers can generate more leads, earn higher revenues and satisfy customers.


Drift offers negotiable pricing for all of its packages. They have four offerings, but you have to contact them to find out how much 🥺.

Clearbit: Grab Your Target Market With A Personalized Touch

Clearbit is a suite of tools that helps growth marketers send relevant and personalized emails.

It provides user information through combining data from multiple sources, creating a comprehensive profile in the form of an API key.


Clearbit can help you:

  • Identify and segment your audience for email marketing campaigns  with more accuracy
  • Nurture leads with personalized content
  • Increase engagement rates and conversions

Its features include an organized, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface that allows users to find relevant web pages and compare products. Users can also easily access important information with auto-updated extensions.


Clearbit offers a range of packages based on monthly website traffic, advertisement budget, and the size and growth of the database. All pricing packages are custom so you need to contact them in order to find out more 🥺.

HubSpot: Turn Your Visitors Into Your Leads

HubSpot is a content marketing platform that eases the process of creating and distributing content to help drive your sales.


HubSpot is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs. You can easily track, compare, and update your analytics, all in one place.

The tool offers a great reporting dashboard, effective landing pages, and email marketing.I has all of the features you need to manage your marketing efforts:

  • Content marketing tools : landing pages, web forms, and social media posts
  • Measurement tools: Google Analytics integration and heat maps
  • A blog too:Publish blog posts from within HubSpot


  • Free
  • Starter: $45/month
  • Professional: $800/month
  • Enterprise: $3200/month

Google Analytics: Analyze your audience smarter

We can't really have a marketing tools article without mentioning Google Analytics. It's free, it's standard, but it's actually kinda necessary.


Google Analytics will tell you how long your visitors stay on your site, where they come from (via search engine results or social media), what content they engage with most often, etc. It allows you to see what pages drive sales most effectively, allowing you to create an optimized marketing strategy.

One downside, however, is that Google Analytics isn't as customizable as other tools on this list. For growth marketers looking for basic analytics data about your website's performance (and don't mind having it integrated directly into Google Search Console), this is an excellent choice free of any fluff.


  • Free
  • Premium: $150,000 annually


Overall, there is an array of options for growth marketers in 2022, and it can be a daunting task to decide which software is the best for you.

It is important to both stick with what you know to work, but also branch out and try new strategies when you believe there is room for improvement. Once you discover the tools that work best for you, they will allow you to grow your business exponentially while simultaneously saving time and being more efficient in your marketing procedures.