Aspiring content marketers show better results when they leverage tools that help them boost their productivity. Choosing the right digital tools can help them be more efficient in creating their dream enterprise.

This article will showcase a few software tools across a variety of categories and applications, and will give you an overview of their features, unique benefits, and pricing.

Feedback and Communication: Markup Hero

Content marketers love Markup Hero. Why? Because it's a simple and easy to use tool to design comps, gather feedback, create marketing assets, and collaborate with team members.

Try Markup Hero Instantly

Snap screenshots. Create markups. Annotate with tons of tools including arrows, text boxes, callouts, shapes, highlights, signatures and more. Edit your markups forever, copy them and paste into your project management tool like Monday, or content tools like Notion.

Use Markup Hero to Provide Feedback


Features include: Screenshot, Upload Images, URL Screenshot, Always Editable, Full History, Text Tool, Arrow Tool, Rectangle Tool, Oval Tool, Pen Tool, Colors, Size & Thickness, Sharable Links, Copy & Download, Duplicate, Share in Popular Tools: Slack, Discord, Notion, Evernote, SMS, Email, and 1000's more.


Markup Hero helps professionals and teams capture ideas and communicate clearly with their daily-use screenshot and annotation tools. You don't even need an account to try it out. Snap screenshots with their free desktop app or Chrome extension and upload images or PDF's from their web interface. Then add annotations like arrows, boxes, text, highlights, callouts and much more


Markup Hero has three separate plans:

  • Sidekick Plan: Free, no account required, for anyone who wants to try it out without signing up
  • Hero Plan: Forever free, sign up required, for individuals that want the basic tools and features with history for 10 markups per month.
  • Superhero Plan: $4 per month, for professionals & teams that need access to all our tools and features with unlimited usage.

SEO Software Suite: Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool. It helps you target keywords and understand how people arrive at your product. It has a free trial, allowing you to try it out before you make any commitments.


Moz Pro is simple and easy to use, and it is good at generating long-tail keyword suggestions. With over 18k backlinks in its index, Moz Pro can find links quicker than its competition.

Moz Pro is also scalable, so you can use its advanced research tools to adjust as your business grows. It offers 24/7 online support and guarantees a personalized walkthrough with an expert so that your experience is as easy as it can be.


Moz Pro allows you to seamlessly add, manage, and create keyword lists in one place. You can also prioritize and compare certain keywords in order to finetune your content rollout strategy.

Moz Pro gives you suggestions on the keywords you should select. With server data updated every two weeks, you can ensure that keyword comparisons are always fresh.

You can estimate click-through rates with CTR metrics for your content. You can also assign your custom score and add weight to the importance of a specific keyword you like.


  • Free Version: For 30 days, you get access to all the SEO tools Moz Pro offers without additional charge.
  • Moz Pro has a package for every type of business. Small businesses can start with the Standard package, which costs $99/month. Meanwhile, larger companies should look into the Medium ($179/month) and Large ($299/month) plans. They also offer a Premium ($599/month) plan for large businesses with in-house marketing teams.

Analyzing Search Performance: Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an entirely free tool you can use to understand your website’s performance in Google. It helps troubleshoot SEO responsiveness issues, submit XML sitemaps, and offers organic search performance data.


Google Search Console allows you to  detect which queries bring users to your site and analyze your site's position on Google Search. You can submit sitemaps and URLs for crawling and review your index coverage so that Google can have the freshest view of your site.

You can also get alerts if Google detects issues with your site. This allows issues to be resolved instantly, ensuring maximum efficiency.


With GCS, you can directly learn which search terms people use to find your content. You can understand how Google Search sees your pages, which will help you adjust the structure of your content for more clicks.

The service also gives you access to an easy dashboard to view key metrics regarding your site’s performance.


Google Search Console is entirely free. Newer businesses can use this valuable tool to see your performance on Google without any charges.

Design Work: Pixelied

Pixelated is an online graphic editor you can use to create stunning designs for your creative work. It has ready-to-use templates and a great UI with free designs and fonts.


With over 1,500 ready-made templates, you can create your social media and website posts, covers, and headers on the go. You can edit text structures and add filters to your designs with an advanced editor.

The service also has royalty-free stock images you can use free of cost.


The service lets you upload SVG/vector files,remove or add backgrounds, resize assets on your designs, and choose from over 900 fonts in their library.

Because Pixelied is in a  saturated design services market, they must provide top quality and customizable templates, photos, icons, and fonts. You are able to create your own workspaces, choose from their illustrations, and more.


  • Free Version: You have access to over 100 templates and 3 million stock photos in 1 workspace. On the other hand, you only get three downloads per month with just 1 GB of cloud storage.
  • Lifetime: You get access to the service permanently with a one-time $97 payment. This lets you use all of the features on the platform. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

Writing: Sapling

Sapling is an AI messaging assistant designed for customer-focused workflows. It offers real-time suggestions for efficiently composing responses on messaging platforms.


Sapling works as a browser extension across your text-based platforms. When you use Gmail, Salesforce, or Zendesk, Sapling connects and  improves your writing, allowing you to be efficient in your marketing process.

Sapling learns what phrases you commonly use, and automatically integrates them when they are necessary. Moreover, Sapling is team-focused, allowing you to collaboratively use the service without disruption.


It has a no-data retention policy, so you can be sure your data is kept private to just your business. The service can empower team members to respond to suggestions  in real-time.

Sapling catches 60% more grammatical issues than other spelling or grammar checkers. As a result, you can identify training opportunities for your employees' overtime from the common errors that occur.


  • Free Version: Sapling offers a free version with basic features.
  • $25/month Sapling Pro: Best for individuals; you receive all the service's features.
  • Sapling Enterprise: This pricing is determined after you contact them; this is best for in-house teams.

Automation: IFTTT

IFTTT lets you quickly and easily automate workflows. Your apps and services connect seamlessly across devices. With the help of powerful automation software, you can easily customize your platform..


IFTTT is simple and easy to use. It allows you to chain statements into an algorithm the service calls an “applet.” The app runs on iOS and Android platforms, so it can integrate  with your mobile devices when you run automation.

You can improve your SEO strategy by automatically sharing content across all your platforms, allowing your workflows to become more efficient.


You do not need to learn code to create unique algorithms that work. With APIs from Fitbit, Alexa, Facebook, and more, you can experience seamless connectivity between these services through your automation.

Your content marketing endeavors can benefit significantly from this platform. For example, you can automatically post on social media every time a new article is published, get Slack notifications if someone fills up your form, or push email addresses into your workflows.


  • Free Version: You get access to creating 5 Applets with limited features.
  • IFTTT Pro: Around $5/month, you get access to multi-action Applets with customer support.
  • IFTTT Pro+: Around $10/month, you get unlimited Applets with Developer tools and even better customer support.

All paid versions have a 7-day free trial you can use to see if the service is the right fit for you.

Project Management: Teamwork

Teamwork is a tool used by professional product managers. It has all the project management essentials and can scale according to the needs of your company. Moreover, you can use it to manage multiple projects at once.


Teamwork is flexible, simple, and easy to use. You can view your projects as part of a task list, Gantt chart, or board view.

PRO TIP: Markup Hero is the perfect companion for Teamwork. Snap screenshots, make annotations, then attach your markup in tickets so others can instantly see your ideas visually. Try it free instantly, no account or credit card required.

You can use its advanced dashboards, tracking tools, and workload management systems to adapt to your growing business. In addition, its compatibility with multiple projects lets you keep everyone accountable at the same time.


Teamwork adds value to content marketers by helping them structure workflows. With an accessible UI, you can use task templates or checklists to ensure your team is on the right track. It puts a strong emphasis on customer support, allowing you to make sure everything goes as planned.

The app can integrate with your existing tools like Zapier, Dropbox, Xero, and Slack. Teamwork acts as the core part of managing all your tools at once.

Because over 20,000 companies use Teamwork, it is known to be very reliable and beneficial to business productivity. Its free version allows you to try it out before you make any commitments.

Remote Workers Communicate Better with Annotations - Try it Free!


There are three categories of pricing.

  • Free Version: This lets a maximum of 5 users use the platform and adds basic project management features.
  • $10/user/month Version: Requires a minimum of 3 users. It lets you add multiple projects and gives you more features.
  • $18/user/month Version: Requires a minimum of 5 users. This plan is ideal for large teams and adds more features like custom fields, budgeting, time management, etc.


There are many software tools available for content creators and visual marketers, but It is essential to pick the right ones suited for your needs. The tools in our list have a robust set of features and benefits that will allow you to become more efficient.

Most of the tools here offer free versions for you to try and use, allowing you to make sure you are getting the service you want before committing money towards it.We recommend that you try out the resources relevant to you and see the impact they have going forward.