What makes or breaks a deal? The answer isn’t straightforward. Each sale is different, and an agreement consists of multiple factors. One underrated factor is proposal creation.

The proposal is often the deciding factor in closing a deal. (You might be surprised how many companies neglect this aspect of negotiation.) Simply put, a proposal that can appeal to your prospect has a lot of impact on their decision.

There are many tools available that can help you craft the perfect proposal to close deals. Among proposal-making platforms, Proposify stands out for its ample range of features, in addition to how downright easy it is to use, even for beginner entrepreneurs!

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Why Are Proposals Important?

Many companies fail to understand the importance of perfecting their proposals. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider taking them more seriously.

Set your terms

A perfect proposal is about balance. You must provide enough incentive to your prospects while ensuring that you are not losing your profit. A good proposal ensures that your terms are met while also catering to your clients’ needs.

Build relationships

While a good proposal must convey that you are invested in the deal, coming off as too enthusiastic can easily backfire. A well-crafted proposal will express your interest in a strategic manner. This expression sets the foundation for solid professional relationships.

Express your brand

A proposal is an extension of your brand. The prospective client gets a glimpse of what your brand wishes to be through it. A good proposal should accurately represent what your company stands for while also projecting it to the prospects.

What is Proposify?

Proposify is an online proposal application that can help you close deals more effectively and efficiently.

Proposify comes with a wide array of useful features that enable you control every aspect of a deal. The primary objective of this application is to ensure your documents are consistent and error-free. Additionally, it provides you with various analytical tools to improve your negotiation skills and provide a better customer experience.

But how does Propsify accomplish these feats? Let’s take a look at five of the best features Proposify offers.

Features: Proposify

source: proposify.com

1. Content Library

Proposify’s content library is one of its most valuable features. It is a hub for all of your previous content and templates.

The content library gives you access to templates for your proposals. You can edit the templates to fit your needs. This feature can be beneficial when you are having a hard time coming up with ideas.

source: proposify.com

The handiest part of the content library is saving sections, images, text boxes, and any other proposal component for future use. You can reuse the protected objects in your subsequent sales or modify them to fit your needs.

While it is true that each sale is different and should require a proposal of its own, there are various parts of the proposition that remain mostly static. These parts can be saved in the content library and reused to save a lot of time.

2. Role Management

Proposals are often made in collaboration with other associates, who are often situated across distinct departments. While such projects are beneficial, there needs to be a structure to keep the teams in line. Situations like this are where the role management feature shines.

Proposify lets you assign roles to everyone involved with the team. You, as the person in charge of the group, can give each member the necessary permissions. As a result, you can control what everyone does and manage accordingly.

You can protect sensitive files so that no one shares them by mistake. There is also an option to turn on activity approval. You can turn that on for specific actions to ensure that those tasks don’t go through without your supervision.

source: proposify.com

3. CRM Integration

CRM integration allows Proposify to use machine learning technology to automate your proposal crafting process.

CRM (or Customer Resource Management) allows you to track and record your customers’ data. This data can then be used to craft personalized proposals for each prospect. This makes them more likely to close deals since these are created using activity data collected from a single source.

Moreover, you can add custom variables to fill in missing fields to craft a more detailed proposal. You can also sync your contact information to Proposify to automatically add missing variables.

CRM integration is a very high-level feature that is typically only available in premium applications. Proposify’s ability to automate such a complex process to this extent is what distinguishes it from other platforms.

4. Analytics and Insights

source: proposify.com

We have already talked about CRM integration in Proposify, but automation can only do part of the job. It is up to the administrators to finalize the perfect proposal for any prospect.

In this stage, the analytics and insights feature of Proposify comes in handy. You can check the profile of your prospects to get a deeper understanding of their performance. The insights will also show you how they respond to your negotiations and what you need to focus on to seal the deal.

Moreover, Proposify keeps records of every step of your negotiation. As a result, you will have accountability for every action. This feature ensures transparency and allows you to improve upon any mistake you might make for future deals.

Regarding the importance of transparency, many clients become hesitant when they feel that a company is trying to cover its tracks. You can reassure any prospective client by showing them your audit trail.

5. Interactive Pricing

You can make both your and your client’s life easier by allowing interactive price selection. Negotiations are all about compromises. As a result, there is always a lot of back-and-forth in these discussions.

A way to minimize this hassle is to set interactive pricing options in your proposal. Then you can let the client select which one they prefer. This feature not only simplifies the process but also gives the prospect a sense of control. As a result, you might end up with a better deal than the one you expected.

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Final Thoughts

Proposify is an excellent tool for closing deals. Each sale is different, but companies often make the mistake of treating all of them the same.

The concept of reusing the same boring proposal for each client has become outdated. Clients now want to feel important. As a result, it is up to companies to adapt and change their approach.

Proposify brings the newest technologies into the playing field. It takes advantage of these modern features to help you close the deal as best as possible.

Right now, automation using AI and machine learning is being implemented in various operations. If you are late to implement these features, you will indeed be left in the dust. That said, you should definitely give Proposify a try and see if it’s the right fit for your business.