Typing on a PDF should be dead simple. Like opening a Google Doc and adding some text. But it's not that easy. The good news is Markup Hero is the fastest solution for typing on a PDF, and it's free. Here's how it works.

PRO TIP: You don't need to create an account or enter a credit card to use Markup Hero. Once you've edited your first PDF, you might want to create a free account or upgrade, but for now, just test it out instantly and see.

Step #1 - Go to https://markuphero.com/new

Step #2 - Upload or drag your PDF into the "new markup" area.

Drag a PDF to Markup Hero

Step #3 - Wait a few seconds for your file to load and you'r ready to type on the PDF.

Step #4 - Use the type tool to add text to your PDF. You can change the color and font size with the click of a button.

PRO TIP: Most PDF editors take forever to load your file and often freeze up when the PDF is over 20 pages. Not Markup Hero, try a 100+ page PDF and see the magic in seconds.

Step #5 - Add other annotations and image markups to your PDF with ease. Markup Hero provides a suite of editing tools for you to modify your file.

Millions of Combinations of Annotation and Text with Markup Hero

Step #6 - Save your PDF either as a PNG image or back to the original PDF format by clicking the share menu on the top right and selecting download image or export to PDF.

Step #7 - Markup Hero offers even more ways to share your PDF with type on it. You can create a share link or even copy each page to your clipboard and paste it into anywhere like SMS, Facebook, Email, Slack or a million other tools you use daily.

PRO TIP: Share links are a great way to share your entire PDF including all the pages with a single link. One of the benefits is that the linked version will ALWAYS show the most current version. So if you make edits or changes to your PDF, those will be relfected when anyone views your markup.

Step #8 - Once you're done typing on your PDF and you've saved the file or copied the link, just close your browser. If you go back to markuphero.com your files and annotations are automatically saved for you.

Adding Markups to Collections

Just look in the my markups section to see everything you've worked on. If you haven't created an account, you'll be limited to your last 10 markups, but just create a free account and you can see them all.

you can search for markups by the title you give them, you can add them to collections you create. You can "star" your favorites and and you can filter by type: starred, screenshots, images, pdf's, duplicates and URL's.

Step #9 - Get even more out of Markup Hero by installing our Chrome Extension and our desktop app. With these free tools you can take screenshots and instantly add markups and annotations to them.

With the Chrome Extension you can take scrolling screenshots. This is super useful and fast and just about any website into a pdf in seconds.

Markup Hero Chrome Extension

The desktop app is great for taking fixed area screenshots of anything showing on your computer Mac, Windows or Linux.

Markup Hero Desktop Screenshot App

The Bottom Line

Adding type to a PDF doesn't need to be a headache. Markup Hero makes this a piece of cake and you can try it in literally in 60 seconds or less.

And Markup Hero can increase your productivity by 10x when you use other popular tools like Asana, Slack, Notion and dozens more. People that use Markup Hero to type on a PDF also use the tool every day for hundreds of other tasks. Try it free and see for yourself.

Ready to make it happen with Markup Hero - Try it Free!