Business growth requires a solid marketing plan, management structure, and method of dividing up work between employees. Integrating digital marketing tools can help your company increase productivity across key metrics. Today, we will discuss a few essential marketing tools that can help propel your company forward.


ActiveCampaign is a platform that houses numerous marketing tools such as sales automation, email marketing, social media monitoring and CRM tools—all under one roof! It allows brands to engage with customers, track their activities, optimize the overall user experience, and, in return, fill up the sales funnel faster by boosting conversion rates.


Features and Benefits


The number one rule to hypergrowth is customer-centricity, and ActiveCampaign helps you with just that. Their marketing automation and CRM systems allow you to automate listing, send direct messages to customers, and even ‘tag’ them based on their current activities, making it an excellent tool for customer segmentation.

This email marketing automation tool allows you to track your campaign's performance based on email open rates, actions taken from emails, website tracking, social media monitoring, and more. With ActiveCampaign, you can integrate their customized forms within your website to collect additional insight and feedback from your site visitors.

This allows you to analyze your consumer's current interests and activities and later use ActiveCampaign’s Conditional Content and Event Monitoring to personalize and adjust each marketing content based on each contact. This gives you a window into your customers’ minds, generating insights that you can use to pique customers’ interest by tailoring content to their interests, thereby increasing engagement with your brand.

The result? A dramatic increase in traffic and sales.

Pricing Plans

  • The Lite Plan: From $15 per month
  • The Plus Plan: From $70 per month
  • The Professional Plan: From $159 per month
  • The Enterprise Plan: From $279 per month

The pricing will increase as your active email list grows. ActiveCampaign has discount rates ranging from 20-40% for members who pay for an entire year instead of month to month.


BuzzSumo is a social media analytics tool that provides you with the inside scoop that would otherwise be unavailable. It is a cloud-based platform with a powerful search engine that helps users understand what works best for each niche and analyze social media content based on their performance.  


Features and Benefits


BuzzSumo allows you to discover the latest trends across different social media platforms with its PR Monitoring function. Its advanced search engine allows you to analyze the success of your media campaigns across various social media platforms—such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Pinterest—enabling you to find new marketing ideas for better customer engagement.

With BuzzSumo, you can track your competitors’ recent activities and analyze how they may affect your brand, track backlinks in order to see which websites are referring to your content, track the performance of your keywords and blog posts, and much more. In addition, their total engagement features can help you identify the content that’s currently creating the biggest buzz within your niche.

How does all of this help you? You can analyze the data accumulated from all of these results and use it to do the following:

  • Find new content ideas that drive more traffic to your site and perform better across different platforms.
  • Optimize your existing content to target the interest of specific niches.
  • Modify your SEO to rank better in comparison to your competitors.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial: 7 to 30 days
  • Micro Plan: $39 per month
  • Pro Plan: $99 per month
  • Plus Package: $179 per month
  • Large Package: $299 per month
  • Enterprise Package: From $499 per month


Hotjar is a marketing analytics tool to analyze how consumers interact with your brand. It provides you with activity data about the customers that frequent your site, as well as a channel for you to solicit targeted feedback from them. If you plan to become a customer-driven brand, then Hotjar is one of the best tools to incorporate.  


Features and Benefits

The key to increasing conversion rates is understanding consumer behavior and optimizing your website and services accordingly. Hotjar offers you two ways to do that:

Number one: With the help of Heatmaps, Form Analytics, Visitor Recording, Click Maps, and Conversion Funnels, it tracks customer interaction throughout your website, providing you with detailed insights regarding what issues your users might be facing on the webpage and which onsite features and contents are driving the most traffic.  

Number two: Hotjar puts a suite of feedback tools—including surveys, polls, and test user recruitment—at your fingertips, allowing you to communicate with your customers firsthand in order to understand their needs. Moreover, it is a highly scalable platform that grows with your business and improves user experience through advanced UI/UX.

Hotjar can help you to improve your website's features, create tailor-made content that drives more leads to your site, improve the user interface, increase customer retention, decrease the overall churn rate, and increase overall return on investment.

Pricing Plans

  • Basic Plan: Free for 35 sessions daily
  • Plus Package: $35 per month for 100 daily sessions
  • Business Plan: $79 per month for 500+ sessions daily
  • Scale Package: Negotiable for unlimited daily sessions


Sotrender is a cloud-based social media analytics tool that provides users with detailed social media reporting to analyze their performance across different social media platforms. It is the go-to platform for audience insights, campaign analytics, and benchmarking to help you improve client relations, modify your content strategy, and better your brand image.

Features and Benefits


Sotrender provides its users with an easy-to-use social media analytics platform to analyze their business campaigns, monitor competitors, understand customer behavior, track conversion rates, and more. With the help of its automated reporting, users can see their marketing campaigns across social media platforms and make a comparative analysis based on competitor campaign information and competitive promotion monitoring.

Sotrender’s marketing analytics tools offer suggestions based on the reports it generates. For instance, if you insert both your and your competitor's backlinks, it will analyze customer behavior and conversion rates, and content for both the sites and recommend how to improve your services.

Sotrender prepares businesses for the future by detecting bots, fake accounts, and other activities that may hamper the brand's image.

The more you emphasize improving your services for your customers, the more likely you are to generate more leads and boost sales. With the help of Sotrender, you can optimize your content for the future, create content that outperforms your competitors, modify content to increase engagement, and understand your audience in order to increase social growth.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial: For 14 days
  • Starter Package: $59 per month
  • Growth Package: $110 per month
  • Premium Package: $195 per month
  • Ultimate Package: $331 per month

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one software tool marketers use to monitor site ranking, competitor analysis, and keyword analysis. This tool provides its users with all the insights they need to enhance their content, boost their traffic, improve their ranking on search engines, gain more visibility, increase conversion rates, and more.


Features and Benefits


Off the bat, Moz Pro provides its users with a wealth of SEO-related data. It generates quick website analysis using varied SEO metrics and gives businesses insights into their website’s ranking and performance, helping companies enhance future SEO strategies or optimize their existing ones.

This software allows you to perform keyword analysis on your site to understand which keywords bring the most traffic to your site. Additionally, you can do a competitive analysis to analyze the current strategies implemented by your competitors in the market, giving you a competitive edge when it comes to innovating your products and services and form better SEO campaigns in the future.

To achieve hypergrowth, you must understand your competitors better and provide them with innovative services. Moz Pro can help you understand your competition in the following ways:

  • Increase traffic and generate more leads by providing you market insights on how to improve your site's ranking.
  • Improve customer retention by delivering data on your and competitors' performance so that you can create content that engages your customers better.

Pricing Plans

  • Free trial
  • Standard Plan: $99 per month
  • Medium Plan: $149 per month
  • Large Package: $249 per month
  • Premium Deal: $599 per month.


Ahrefs is an indispensable software tool for all digital marketers who perform for competitor analysis, website tracking, link building, keyword research, site audits, ranking estimations, backlink analysis, and much more. It is essentially a tool to enhance your website's ranking on the Search Engines to engage more customers, cultivate more leads, grow sales, and increase return on investment.

Features and Benefits

If you want to optimize a customer-driven website and service, then Ahrefs is the perfect tool. It allows you to analyze keyword ranking in order to understand the content people are searching for within your industry. Armed with this information, you can optimize your content with the right SEO keywords to generate more visibility on search engines.

Moreover, with the help of Ahrefs, you can:

  • Track website rankings
  • Track backlinks that drive the most traffic to your website
  • Analyze competitors’ strategies
  • Learn the amount of traffic to your competitor's site and which keywords drive them
  • Estimate the risk level of each keyword
  • Monitor the performance of each keyword
  • Find quality link prospects
  • Find the issues within your marketing campaigns that increase the churn rate

Services like these help companies entice interest in their product by providing better content than their competitors. Better SERP rankings mean more visibility, resulting in more prospective leads, and ultimately more growth for the company.

Pricing Plans

  • Lite Package: $99 per month
  • Standard Plan: $199 per month
  • Advanced Package: $399 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: $999 per month


SEMrush is a marketing analytics tool businesses use to increase content visibility and engagement within their website. It is one of the most popular SEO tools worldwide for digital marketers for services like active research, keyword ranking reports, comparative analysis of domains using keywords, and strategic advertising.

Features and Benefits

SEMrush gives you data about your market competitors and performs a competitive analysis so that you can understand your site's shortcomings.

You can gain insights into the audiences within your niche, perform a site audit, do keyword research, analyze your traffic, examine backlinks, see your content rankings on search engines, and innovate your services accordingly. This way, you can add more value to your user experience.

SEMrush helps businesses to improve their marketing strategy by showing analyses of their campaigns compared to their competitors. You can use the tool to incorporate the right SEO and SEM techniques into your content to help them gain more visibility and become more relevant to your customers. This will help you gain more visibility and drive more prospective customers to your site, helping you achieve hypergrowth.

Pricing Plans

  • Free Trial
  • Pro Plan: $99.95 per month
  • Guru Package: $199.95 per month
  • Business Package: $399.95 per month
  • Enterprise Package: Negotiable


There are many tools available for companies looking to become more efficient, but it is essential to pick the right ones suited for your needs. The tools in our list have robust features that will allow your business to grow rapidly.

Most of the tools here offer free versions for you to trial and use. We recommend that you try out the resources relevant to you and see the impact they have going forward. From there, pick the tools that have provided the most value, and upgrade to their more advanced services that give you access to more tools.