Lemlist is a sales enforcement tool that aims to improve your website conversion rate. It is the first email outreach tool that lets you create custom graphics and videos automatically.

The tool ensures that your page can complete all four steps of website conversion. But how does Lemlist optimize your website? Let’s look at some of the features that make Lemlist such an amazing sales enforcement tool.

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Why Tools Like Lemlist Exist?

Most businesses have a website to establish their online presence. Your website is a customer’s gateway to your brand, so you must optimize what your website can do for you and your clients.

A website that only hosts a few static images and information is not being fully utilized. Your website can be the center of sales enablement for your brand. But how can you optimize your website to generate more sales?

Many business solutions can help you get the most out of your website. Lemlist is one of the most popular sales enablement platforms you can use. But how can Lemlist improve your website conversion rate? Before we get there, first, we need to understand how your website can enable sales.

What is Website Conversion?

When a visitor to your website completes a desired activity, such as signing up for a newsletter, sharing on social media, filling out a form, or completing a purchase, this is known as a website conversion. The conversion rate is the percentage of total visitors who convert.

A higher conversion rate means that your website is serving its purpose. Let us take a look at the steps of website conversion.


The primary goal of your website is to inform visitors of your products and services. The website must contain sufficient information regarding your product or service so that visitors understand what you are offering.


The next step is a filtration process. The website must have a process to screen out visitors who are not interested in your service. Interested visitors are more likely to click on other pages besides the homepage of your website.


This step is where most websites fail to convert potential clients. The objective here is to push the customer towards your goal. Your goal can be to have them sign up for a newsletter, sell a product, share your website on social media, and so on.


The last step is to close the deal. Here the visitor will perform the desired task. As a result, your website has successfully converted a visitor into a client.

Lemlist Key Features

In this article, we will be talking about five key website conversion features of Lemlist. Without further ado, let’s get to the features.

1. Personalized Images

Personalized Images is Lemist’s most popular feature. This feature allows you to make personalized images at scale.
Most websites use a stock image for all of their visitors. This practice makes the brand seem lazy and mechanical. On the other hand, adding a personal touch to email replies can make your brand appear more friendly and human.

But if making custom images for everyone was easy, everyone would be doing it. That is why Lemlist is so impressive. Lemlist allows you to make personalized images for all of your visitors. While it may seem minor to many people, little attention to details like this is all it takes to convert a cold lead into a sale.

2. Lemwarm

Lemwarn is the name of Lemlist’s email delivery feature. It can greatly increase the reach of your email marketing.

Email marketing can be quite difficult. Unless you have good email deliverability, most of your emails will reach the right inbox. Getting flagged as spam is a very common occurrence in email marketing, and you’ll want to avoid that at all costs. Lemwarm aims to solve this problem by integrating user data from all of its users.

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It sends customized emails to all of Lemlist’s users and automatically replies to them. As a result, you will be able to reach more people than ever before. The best part about this feature is that it is completely automated. So you can just sit back and let Lemlist improve your reach.

Of course, this feature is optional. If you don’t want other Lemlist users to contact your clients, you can opt out of this service. You will only be able to reach clients that have agreed to it beforehand.

3. Personalized Videos and Landing Pages

Just like images, Lemlist can customize videos and landing pages for your email and website.

Using videos for email marketing has become a popular trend in recent times. It is supposed to make your brand appear more human. But sending the same video to all visitors seems pretentious.

The same principle that worked with personalized images works in the case of videos. Lemlist personalized videos for all users. As a result, your emails are more likely to generate sales.

What’s more impressive than personalized videos is the customized landing page. You can make personalized landing pages for each visit. The website that they are redirected to can contain their name and be suited towards their preferences. As a result, your brand will seem more human. As a result, your website conversion rate is likely to go up as well.

4. Liquid Syntax

Liquid Syntax is Lemlist’s market segmentation feature. Using this feature, you can divide your audience into various groups and personalize content for each of them.

Once you have segmented your audience using Liquid Syntax, you can use highly targeted marketing tactics to increase your sales. You can customize the texts for different groups. As a result, visitors will feel like your brand is right for them.

Since you will be interacting with groups, you will have a better understanding of their behavior. So you can craft localized content for various groups of visitors.

By engaging with visitors in a more personalized manner, you are more likely to convert cold sales.

5. Automated Follow-up

One of Lemlist’s most useful features is automated follow-up. This feature lets you send automated responses to your visitors without losing the personal touch.

The best part about this feature is that you can customize everything about the responses. You can adjust the sequence of texts that you will send as well as the delay between texts. Moreover, you can schedule texts beforehand. As a result, the automated texts carry a very personal touch to them.

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Due to the highly customized automation, visitors feel like they are always personally guided. So they are likely to feel welcome. Making your customers feel at home will result in better website conversion and customer retainment.

Final Thoughts

Lemlist is a powerful tool that can help you convert those cold prospects and optimize your business.

Lemlist has a simple and clean UI that makes it very user-friendly. Users don’t need any coding knowledge to get the most out of Lemlist. Moreover, it solves one of the biggest problems companies have, which is closing deals.

A tool like Lemlist can be helpful for any company. But it is especially effective at optimizing smaller businesses. New businesses have a tough time converting cold leads. As a result, Lemlist can help them improve their website conversion and generate sales.

So what’s holding you back? Get Lemlist today and make the most out of your website!

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