Skitch is a screenshot and image annotation software that has been around for quite some time. Originally it was a stand alone product which was loved by many and praised for it's clean user interface, speed and minimalistic features. In 2011, soon after launch, Skitch was bought by Evernote and integrated into their core note taking application. And in 2015 Evernote shut down Skitch for Windows, Android and iOS and only offer a Mac application (not for long presumably) and within Evernote for paying subscribers only ($8-$15/month).

So, while Skitch used to be a well liked tool for screenshots and image annotation, it's not a great option anymore. Skitch hasn't added a new feature in over 5 years and unless you use Evernote still (read here to see why you should switch from Evernote to Notion), you're going to like Markup Hero way better.

Markup Hero is a newcomer to the screenshot and file annotation space and offers some unique features that Skitch just doesn't give you. First and foremost, Markup Hero is a stand alone product that works on Windows, Mac and Web. All of the annotation and editing tools are browser based which has numerous advantages.

  • Access screenshots and markups from anywhere
  • View markup history and edit forever
  • Share links with permissions and on-the-fly updating
  • Easy integrations to 3rd party solutions like Slack

Image and PDF Annotation Features

Moreover, Markup Hero enables you to annotate images and PDF's from any source: Screenshot, Upload, Copy and Paste or URL. And Markup Hero's rapidly growing list of canvas tools outshines Skitch by a long shot.

From simple arrows and text to more sophisticated designs with image insertions, text overlays, callouts, text highlighter (great for PDF) Markup Hero is adding new editing features every week.

Multiple Page Markups

One feature that really stands out with Markup Hero vs. Skitch is the multi-page support. This is particularly needed for annotating and marking up PDF's but it's actually really useful for grouping screenshots together and sharing with colleagues and friends.

Either upload multiple images or a PDF with multiple pages and Markup Hero will automatically create individual slides for each asset. When you share a link from a particular page, viewers will go directly to that slide and can navigate through other slides. Pro users get permission and advanced security settings that allow for sharing individual pages and limiting access to other pages.

Markup History, Saving, Editing and Sharing

Markup Hero provides a full history view of all screenshots and annotations for easy access to edit, send and duplicate. Organize your markups with fast use tagging and search (releasing 9/2020). You can quickly delete markups or screenshots you don't need anymore and one click actions:

  • Share link (public or private) - to generate a link and send to collegues and friends
  • Copy markup to clipboard - for pasting into emails, SMS, tools, software or anywhere
  • Download markup to computer - for saving a flattened version of your markup to anwhere
  • Duplicate markup to your account - for making copies and comparing versions or sharing to get feedback from others

One of the biggest benefits to Markup Hero is the ability to edit your annotations forever. Often when creating screenshots then adding annotations like arrows, text boxes, callouts, highlights and more, you end up with a flattened image that can't be changed. If you made a mistake, you have to start over. If you shared with someone, they'll see an outdated version. With Markup Hero, you can always go back and edit your markup which will instantly update what people see who have a share link. Super useful!

Skitch sharing options are pretty basic. First you must choose to generate a share link, then copy it. Whereas Markup Hero creates a share link automatically and copies it to your clipboard immediately after taking a screenshot or via a single click from any markup screen. But also, Skitch does not provide any type of permission management for share links. They are simply on or off. You cannot make certain links public and other links private. With Markup Hero you are able to set links to either public (i.e. anyone with the link can view or re-share it) or private (i.e. only you can view, duplicate and edit). Additionally, Superhero users can batch update all previously created markups to private.

Soon we will release ability for Superhero users to invite specific users to view or edit private share links as well as create expiring links by number of days or specific date.

Pasting Images on Top of Screenshots

One feature that Skitch users often request but they don't offer is the ability to paste other images on top of screenshots and markups. This is incredibly useful for product review articles, customer support, explainer documents, sales materials and so many more use cases.

Other Great Features with Markup Hero

On top of everything listed above, heres a list of additional features and benefits you'll love.

  1. Speed Up Your Workflow - Copy and past any editing tool (i.e. arrows, boxes, images, text, etc.) within the same markup or across different markups or pages
  2. Looks Great No Matter What - Toggle between outlined or highlighted text boxes so text pops on any background
  3. Never Make a Permanent Mistake - Use redo or undo to fix mistakes and edit anything anytime from anywhere forever
  4. Get Feedback from Colleagues  - Duplicate markups and add your own annotations in one click
  5. Keep Organized - View past screenshots and markups in your history panel and tag (coming soon), delete and rename


Skitch used to be one of the best, but it's gone downhill and you are forced to use Evernote. Markup Hero is actively building the best product on the market with new features each week, customer service that responds in minutes, and performance and security you can trust.