Greenshot is one of the oldest but also well known screenshot and image annotation tools. It's open source and not really supported well. It only works on Windows (not on Mac or Web) and hasn't been updated in over a decade. Yes, it's completely free, but if you want a screenshot and image annotation tool that does all you need without the bloat, then Greenshot is not the best choice.

The best alternative is Markup Hero. Try it instantly — no signup required.

Markup Hero is an elegant and deeply functional screenshot, image annotation and PDF markup tool that will help you capture ideas, communicate clearly save you time. The tool is free to use and highly supported by our team. We're taking feedback daily from our growing user base and adding new features each week.

If you are looking for a no-hassle screenshot and image annotation software that works on Mac, Windows and Web, then Markup Hero is your best option.

Say Hello to Productivity

Whether you're using screenshots and markups to enhance your blog posts or create engaging content marketing or providing stellar customer support or any of the million use cases Markup Hero covers, you will be happy you switched.

The product is lightning fast, easy to use and rich with features. All of our editing tools are web based which means you can access your screenshots and annotations from anywhere. Our screenshot app works on Mac and Windows but all your files are stored securely in the cloud and can be instantly shared via a link or just copy your markup to clipboard and paste it anywhere.

One of the most useful features of Markup Hero is the ability to save all of your work and organize your annotations. Compared to Greenshot and other annotation tools who flatten your markups immediately, you'll never again have to re-create a markup. Once you take a screenshot and add annotations, it's saved to your history and you can edit, share and duplicate freely.

Our Annotation Tools Rock

Just about every screenshot tool out there will let you add arrows, text and boxes. But we're taking things further. You can create text with a background color or just outlined.

Plus, you can annotate images and PDF's (more to come soon). Quickly toggle boxes and circles from outline to filled in. Change colors and line thickness. Even past images on top of markups — Greenshot and other competitors don't offer that.

Or try our multi-page features. Yes, you can add more than one image or PDF page to the same markup then add annotations and share the entire folder. It's super useful for walkthroughs, help documents and providing website feedback.

What Users Have to Say About Markup Hero

Many of our users love our Slack integration. Markup Hero is the only Slack app to offer instant "click-to-annotate" images and PDF's directly from a Slack conversation. Plus, when you post a Markup Hero link into Slack you'll get an instant preview with annotations.

Users also love our web based annotation tools. They can access from anywhere at anytime and easily share markups with colleagues and friends.

Why not just try it for yourself. You can instantly upload an image or PDF and add your markup without creating an account, entering any payment info or even downloading anything. It's 100% instant. Give it a whirl here.

What do People Do with Markup Hero

Sometimes you just need to take a screenshot and paste it into an email. That's simple and Markup Hero is the fastest and easiest tool for that. But sometimes you need to really highlight the features and functionality of a product or service. Take this example below. With one glance a user can see all the key benefits of this amazing backpack.

Markup Hero is your one-stop tool for creating graphics of all kind. The only limitation is your imagination. Are you a sales person trying to showcase your products features and benefits? Use Markup Hero for that. Are you a customer support person trying to explain how to do something? Use Markup Hero for that. Are you a teacher giving feedback on homework assignments? Use Markup Hero for that. Are you a digital marketer creating amazing blog visuals? Use Markup Hero for that. No matter what you do, Markup Hero is going to be useful in more than 100 ways.

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Why Choose Markup Hero over Greenshot

On top of everything mention above, the biggest reason to start using Markup Hero for screenshots, image annotations and PDF markup is that we're making it better every day. Who wants to start using a tool that isn't supported. That isn't innovating. That isn't adding new features and listening to their users.

That's what Markup Hero is all about. The internet is always evolving. Taking screenshots and annotating files is a big part of your daily activity. You're making blog post images. You're building product review callouts. You're doing amazing customer support. You're teaching students. You're building a sales pipeline. You're content marketing. And you're doing so much more. Get a tool that will grow with you that is supporting the million different things you do every day.

Get Markup Hero and say hello to productivity.