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Annotation API For Your App

Easily integrate visual image annotations for your users directly in your web app with Markup Hero's annotation library and developer API.

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Markup Hero's Annotation API

Built In Feel

Markup Hero's Annotation API provides a straightforward integration with your web app and an intuitive experience for your users. Our tools are simple to learn and easy to use.

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Annotate Images With A Click

Your users simply click a designated button to begin. Your web app calls our Javascript API and provides the image.

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Provide A Seamless Experience

Our Javascript API uploads the image to our backend and overtakes the view with a clean canvas where your users can annotate using a range of tools.

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Instantly Updated In Your App

When done our Javascript API returns the image back to your web app along with an ID and secret for re-editing at a later time. You can then upload the image to your server and display the annotated image in your web app.

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Always Editable Across Devices

Your users can make edits at any time. Just call our Javascript API with the ID and secret to re-open the canvas.

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Feature Overview

All the annotation tools your users will need ready for any device or operating system.

Use Cases

Annotation tools are common, but there haven't been any platforms that offer web based integrations. Building and maintaining these features from scratch isn't worth it now that Markup Hero's Annotation API is here.

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  • Notes, sheets & documents
  • Knowledge bases & wikis
  • Project management tasks & cards
  • Customer support tickets & feedback
  • Architectural plan & interior design comments
  • Engineering sprints, QA & much more...

Clear Benefits

Really any SaaS product or web app that includes user uploaded images can benefit from an integration with our web based annotation tools.


Launch Quickly & Cheaply

Our annotation API will make adding image annotations to your web app a breeze and cost effective.


Seamless User Experience

Our tools are user centric and will provide a seamless experience for you and your users.


Minimize Work & Maintenance

We are consistently improving our tools to be smooth and stable across platforms and devices.

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