Some might say that copywriting is getting too much money for three sentences. In reality, there is so much work, research, and failed copies behind these sentences.

Great copywriting requires knowing how a text works and how marketing and writing create a text that sells.

The marketing teams of the following  9 companies seem to know how to copywrite. Borrowing their ideas can help you curate more customer-focused and better-converting content. Let’s take a look at the best copywriting examples and analyze why they work.

1. Doodle

Doodle is a meeting scheduling app. This text appeals to customer pain points, briefly explains what the service does, and has a red CTA button with the word “free.”

If you have ever scheduled a meeting between more than two people, you probably know the pain of trying to find a date that will fit everyone’s calendar. Doodle understands this difficulty and their statement appeals to everyone who knows the struggle.

So yes, it should not take 30 emails, but how can you change it?

There is an answer to this question in the same copy: book meetings with the smart scheduling power of Doodle. Problem solved!

Essentially , they give a statement with a problem that everybody agrees with. They already have people who are on their side. Afterward, they provide the ultimate solution to the problem in the statement.

2. Snowbird

Have you ever thought about turning bad reviews into your best advertisement campaign? Well, Snowbird is already doing it.

The first thing that grabs the attention of a potential visitor is a  bad review. People are more likely to search for bad reviews to know what to be prepared for. Secondly, the nonsense of it shocks you. Did they really just use a bad review as an ad? That bad review does not really say bad things about the ski resort. You want skiing to be exciting and challenging; you do not want a square.

3. Medium

Usually, it works like that: you have to look for ideas. Moreover, you have to look hard. Then there is a place where ideas (moreover, good ideas) find you. It already has your attention and lifts off the pressure of the sometimes tiresome activity.

You can engage with the site as a reader and as a writer. There are no limits in topics. Medium welcomes everyone. The word “welcomes” has a pleasant touch to it as well.

4. OkCupid

OkCupid is a dating site that  has brought advertising to a new or another  level. They make  their advertisement shareable. No need to pay Facebook when the customers can flood other’s feeds on their own for free.

DTF is a phrase that is used on dating sites quite often and has one meaning. OkCupid decided that dating deserves better than just sex and let its users redefine the F. The results were both inspiring and painfully funny. It included “down to fall head over heels” and “down to floss together”.

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Consequently, users shared the ad to show off their creativity and the company’s campaign got more attention. They were just three letters. How more efficient can the copywriter’s message be?

5. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a witty game. The brand is consistently amusing  in the communication as well. You are unlikely to see the FAQ section, suggest a card, and contact us fields as humorous as theirs. They make fun of the visitors by creating “your dumb questions.” You might think that everything is okay with the “suggest a card” but there is a “submit a bad idea.” option. It is on the edge of being offensive, but it still works. Why?

The team does not just laugh at other people. They laugh at themselves as well.

Reading this section feels like you are all good friends that like to crack jokes in your  spare time. When you read the jokes, you expect the game to be exactly as entertaining .

I also want to point out the full stops. Cards Against Humanity give off the vibe of sarcastic messages which also adds up to the vibe of the website. It is a good example of how punctuation can be used to achieve some kind of effect as well.

6. Slack

Slack combines text and design to showcase its product.

Firstly, you can see the title, which addresses the wish of many employees: to make teamwork more enjoyable.

If you are interested, you can enjoy a free trial. You might gain an amazing tool but even if you do not like it, you will not lose a single cent”.

if you are not yet convinced, there is more explanation about how exactly Slack makes  collaboration more pleasant: it provides  a new communication medium that is faster than email but more official than chat.

In this section, the design also kicks in. Slack  shows potential users how the app will look and highlights one of its amazing features - reactions.

7. Moosejaw

This copy makes you feel different things. First of all, the quote  “follow us or don’t.” creates a certain degree of not having the pressure to subscribe, not reading the advertisement, and an “I do not care” attitude. Secondly, there are many cool reasons to actually follow the account. Thirdly, the brand becomes a relatable human with a hypothetical mom.

Consequently, Moosejaw grabs users’ attention in its name , provides great reasons to do the desirable action, and turns  the faceless brand into a self-deprecative child.

8. Calm

As a meditation and sleep app, Calm can not go for pain points and scare people by the results of not using their app. Therefore, Calm goes for a method of picturing the perfect future of their users. They pack who they are and what they do in four sentences, following their minimalistic approach to everything.

9. Preply

Preply helps students to find language tutors online. You can get it perfectly well from the copy. However, I would like to point your attention to what aspect of learning languages they chose. There is a lot to choose from correctness, accent, the richness of vocabulary, understanding, culture. Yet, Preply chooses to promote confidence. If you do not have the confidence to speak the language, all your grammar and vocabulary will go in vain. Many students know it. Preply aims at those students.

Bottom Line

You can write a copy and one business will find it perfect while another will never accept such writing. As we have noticed from the examples above, it all depends on a business, its values, and tone of voice.

Aim at pain points. Build the picture of a perfect future. Write nonsense that makes sense. Turn bad into good. Be punny. Or not.

It all depends on the businesses with which you work.

Guest post written by Luna Bell.