The efficiency of work now relies on the kind of software applications consumers use. Hence, choosing the right application that fits their style and budget is a vital part of their work-life. Productivity tools are one of those applications that help make our daily work-life a tad bit easier and fun to course through.

Choosing the right productivity tool that is best suited to your nature becomes imperative for you to work effectively. This article presents you with two leading productivity tools that you can include in your list to compare. We also present another productivity tool named Markup Hero, which you might as well short-list for the future.

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Greenshot is a powerful screen capture tool that offers a wide range of functionalities. This software is known for its ease of use, fine quality of support, and very easy setup facility. All of the features listed below are completely free.


With the help of Greenshot, screenshots can be converted and saved in different formats, such as PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc. This gives you a wider range of options for your saved screenshots and allows you to paste that specific content on different platforms.

Quick Access

Greenshot allows quick access from keyboard shortcuts as well as from the system tray, which saves you time and makes this application simple and easy to use for first-time customers.

Capture Screen

With Greenshot, you can capture an image of the full screen or a small portion of the screen, should they wish to do so. By default, this software uses the “Print Screen” key at its hotkey. Moreover, creating a combination of this specific key with another one of your choice enables you to capture different types of screenshots.

When capturing full screens, you can simply press down on the Ctrl and Print Screen keys together. Other than that, when you want to capture a certain region on the screen instead, all that will require you to do is press down on the Shift and Print Screen keys at the same time.

The configuration is very easy and simple to learn. The application also allows you to select an area with a green overlay and capture it.

Image Editor

Greenshot enables users to annotate or mark up their screen and video captures with the features and tools they provide. These tools are beneficial for anyone wanting to annotate their captures at no cost.

You can also use Markup Hero for this purpose. With Markup Hero, you can insert images into their captured screens to add visual annotations with the tool. This helps the viewer in knowing what they are looking for with the aid of images.


With both Greenshot and Markup Hero, you can capture and save recordings which can, later on, be altered to whichever format you prefer. You can even download the audios if you want to.

Here, Markup Hero is comparatively better since you will be able to download the entire screen as well, which not all productivity tools allow. All you have to do is press down on an assigned button, and Markup Hero will do the rest for you.

Search Platform

With Greenshot, you can also search the platform for any saved images or videos that you want. You can search for any stock images. This feature saves you the time that would have been spent on searching through all your files.

Also, another feature that Markup Hero offers is its History. In this tab, you can find all your previous annotations and markups. This is where you can also choose to edit any of your previous annotations if you wish to.

Greenshot - An Alternative to Virtual Meetings and Conferences

With Greenshot, a user can create their videos and add annotations as well as markups to modify the quality of their content at a low price.

As virtual meetings have their quirks, many people prefer to make videos instead regarding different topics and upload them for their viewers to watch. On Greenshot, content creators can find various tools to select from to edit their captures and make it look intriguing and creative.


Greenshot provides most of the tools that any premium screen capturing application offers but at no cost. On top of that, Greenshot is also free for any Windows user!

However, Mac users have to pay a small price to use this application, which stands roughly at $1.99 as it is found on the App Store.

Although not being completely free of cost for some users, Greenshot is a must-have tool in your virtual inventory, especially if you’re looking for something that blurs, captures, annotates, and does everything for your next virtual project.

Speaking of which, Markup Hero also has a blur tool, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux. On top of that, another important feature that Markup Hero has is its “privacy settings”. This feature enables you to secure your screen captures so that no one can see it all except you.


Let us now take a look at the next option, Snagit. Snagit is an easy to use screen capture and recording software. With this application, you can swiftly take a screenshot of anything you want to present on the screen.

You can also choose to add a few notes on the captured shot and/or create any visual instructions, should you choose.

This application offers a wiser and innovative option to give instructions. With Snagit, one can create unique visual instructions that will be comprehensible for people, leaving the viewers no room for confusion.

Creating visual instruction on Snagit is simple and fast, which can be done in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Capture

The first step is to capture the precise process that one would like to show their viewers in the form of screenshots or even screen recordings. This process gives clear instructions for everything.

Step 2: Mark Up

In this next step, one can add certain texts and notes to their annotations. You can also choose to speak through the entire process. Another option is that you can add short videos that answer certain questions viewers might have later.

Step 3: Creation

Last but not least, you can also create any kind of video with this software. Snagit offers its customers a wide range of tools needed to create tutorials or explainer videos, whether for a new business or an already growing one.

Adding into its variety of amazing options required to customize a video, Snagit also provides its users with a range of unique features and facilities, such as -

Grab Text

This feature enables the user to select a text from the screen capture or a file and then extract it and paste it into another document. This saves the user valuable time and increases productivity as a whole.

On a similar note, the Duplicate option in Markup Hero can also create an identical text and paste it onto another file.

Panoramic Scrolling Capture

With the panoramic screen capture feature, one can take a full-page screenshot simply by scrolling down. You can also capture a scrolling screen, either vertically or horizontally.


With Snagit, users can choose to make GIFs. They can convert any short video into an animated GIF. Also, after it is done, the GIFs can be added to a website, chat, or also document.

iOS Screen Record

If you are an Apple user, here is another simple and quick feature that Snagit offers. The iOS screen record application enables users to record their screen and then instantly send it to Snagit for editing.


Snagit offers a variety of tools needed for annotations. Users can make their screenshots unique with a personal touch, all while maintaining professionalism with a wide range of tools at their disposal.


Snagit lets users share their annotated images and videos to applications such as Youtube, Twitter, as well as on Microsoft applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft word, etc. With Snagit, you can also email the image or video to anyone via Gmail or even upload it to your Google Drive.

Markup Hero here allows its users to share their work directly by copying and pasting the specific link to any program they prefer. Users can choose to share an entire PDF with someone or only a single page if they wish to.

In this case, Markup Hero is one of the best effective applications for annotating any image or PDF, when compared to Snagit and Greenshot. This can come in very handy for anyone working in an office to someone still in school.

Snagit - An Alternative to Virtual Meetings and Conferences

If you use Snagit, you won't feel the need to have meetings, as Snagit enables their users to record their videos and also share and discuss them with others. With Snagit’s Video Review feature, one can interact with their viewers and also record their voice and screen simultaneously.


You can purchase this all in one application for $49.99 for your PC and Mac. Although not as cheap as Greenshot, Snagit is way more professional in terms of quality, features, and overall output. This is why it is comparatively costlier.

If purchasing a productivity tool is not what caters to your needs, you could also test the waters by downloading the free trial version of the software on your computer. However, the trial version does not last for too long, but we bet you will have a clear idea of what you want during this period.

Although Snagit comes at a fairly costlier price than Greenshot, it does include a more wide range of features that comes in handy for both small and big companies. Unlike the many other software out there that are a lot more expensive, Snagit comes at a moderately reasonable price for the quality features and facilities that they have to offer as a package.

If none of the two software that we mentioned on this list today caters to your project needs, we would recommend you to take a closer look at Markup Hero alongside other productivity tools of your choice to increase effectiveness.

Markup Hero lets you annotate your PDF and screenshots with plenty of features at your disposal. Teachers can edit their images and share them directly with students, who can also edit and share back. The same goes for employees and teammates.

Markup Hero offers 3 different plans that you can invest in, namely Sidekick, Hero, and Superhero. The Sidekick plan lets you use Markup Hero for free without creating an account.

On the other hand, the Hero plan lets you use basic tools while saving up to 30 markups per month, but you will need to sign up for it first. Last but not least, the Superhero plan, which lets you use all tools and features, comes for $4 per month. From a financial point of view, Markup Hero is the most affordable and equally high-quality software here!


As for our final words, we hope this article has provided you with all pieces of information that you need to choose a quality productivity tool. Snagit and Greenshot are both very effective and efficient in what they do.

Markup Hero, on the other hand, is also a great choice. Like Greenshot and Snagit, Markup Hero provides its users with an abundance of annotation tools and features that are all very simple to use.

We would recommend Markup Hero as well, as this is a beneficial choice for your daily work as well as professional usage. The application also gives you options in choosing a plan that would be appropriate and best suited for you. At the end of it all, choose an application that caters best to your needs!