You need to convert that PDF to PNG and quick right? There are a ton of tools out there that can do it, but most of them, Adobe Acrobat included, are time consuming and take more than 10 steps to do it. Want a fast and free way?

Convert PNG to PDF with Markup Hero

Here's how to do it in 2 steps. Start by going to

PRO TIP: No account required. No credit card needed. Just drag, click and save. Give it try instantly and see.

Step #1 - Upload or drag your PNG into the "new markup" area. Wait a few seconds for your file to load and you'r ready to type on the PDF.

PNG to PDF with Markup Hero

Step #2 - Click the share icon and choose Export to PDF then choose the location to save the file and you're done!

PRO TIP: Before you go ahead and export that PDF, maybe you want to add some annotations and markup like arrows, callouts, highlights and more.

Using Markup Hero for Annotations and Markup

Markup Hero isn't just for saving a PNG to PDF, you can do a lot more. Below is a list of the annotation tools you can use immediately after you upload your PNG or image.

Millions of Combinations of Annotation and Text with Markup Hero

Look at the example below to see how you can add communicate ideas and give feedback with a range of annotations and markup.

And exporting to PDF is just the beginning. Maybe you just want to copy your annotated PNG to clipboard and paste it into an email or a Google Doc or other tool you regularly use. Or try the share link and just send someone your annotation as a URL.

PRO TIP: When you use the share link instead of pasting the actual annotated PNG, any updates you make will be instantly viewable by whoever clicks on the link. And because you can edit markups forever, you can always go back and make changes. Give Markup Hero try instantly and see.

Ever Need to Turn a Webpage into a PDF or PNG?

Markup Hero makes this super easy too. Just install our Chrome Extension and instantly take a snap of any web page and even scroll a long website into a single PDF.

Markup Hero Chrome Extension

And try our free desktop app to take fixed area screenshots of anything showing on your computer Mac, Windows or Linux.

Benefits of Markup Hero

Beyond the obvious taking screenshots, capturing web pages, converting PNG's to PDF's, annotating images and files, Markup Hero is a productivity tool on steroids. Everyone from teachers to product managers, entrepreneurs to content marketers use Markup Hero every day.

Stay Organized

Never lose a single markup; everything is saved in your history and you can edit files forever.

Save Time

Communicate ideas faster, give and get feedback, and speed up your workflow by showing instead of typing.

Upload & Share

Everything is in the cloud so you can access your markups from anywhere and instantly share with anyone.

PNG to PDF Made Easy

So if you need to convert a PNG to PDF you can see how fast, easy and free Markup Hero is. Literally give it a try in less than 30 seconds. No account required. No credit card needed. Just drag and save.

Doing PNG conversion is great, but being more productive in your professional life is a priority for most Markup Hero users. And if you work remotely like most of us these days, Markup Hero is sure to be your best friend.

Ready to make it happen with Markup Hero - Try it Free!