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What is Skitch and Why Markup Hero is a Better Alternative
Skitch is a screenshot and image annotation that used to be great. Markup Hero is a great alternative with new features being added weekly. Read why.
We are really happy Krisp included Markup Hero in their list of the top remote work tools in 2020.
What is Monosnap and Why Markup Hero is More Flexible
Monosnap is a screenshot tool with basic annotation features. Compare it with Markup Hero and see why Markup Hero is the right choice.

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Thanks for the shout out by Mio Dispatch on their top Slack apps review article showcasing 41 Slack Integrations to Boost Productivity in 2020.
What is Droplr and Why Markup Hero Works Even Better
Droplr is a screenshot tool with limited markup capabilities. Give Markup Hero a try instead. With deep annotation features, live support, frequent updates and amazing integrations.

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We're so happy the Style Review team called out Markup Hero as a newcomer alternative option to the built-in Windows screenshot options in their How to Take a Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop article.
What is Greenshot and Why Markup Hero is Your Best Option
Greenshot is a screenshot and image annotation tool for Windows only. It has a lot of limitations, isn’t supported and isn’t being updated. Try Markup Hero instead.
We were recently featured Spike blog for our detailed product review article about their product. Read our review here.
The Toggl Plan team gave us a nice shout out on their blog recently for our  product review article. Read our review here.
We really loved the Hype Auditor platform so we wrote about it. And they liked our review so much they called it out on their blog. Read our review here.
We wrote a great product review of Invoiceberry and they gave us a thumbs up on their weekly roundup. Read our review here.
The Meribook team loved our recent review of their software and gave us a shout out on their homepage. Read our review here.

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Introducing the Markup Hero Beta
We’re looking for feedback. Please join our beta and share you thoughts to have a direct impact on our product roadmap.