One of the reasons we built Markup Hero is because we found through our own experience that current screenshot and annotation tools just didn't cover enough use cases. Each of the tools we used over the years did some but not all of what we needed. Moreover, none of the solutions even addressed some things that were real problems for us. We wanted to create a tool that did everything that we needed without the bloat of over-customization.

This vision has turned out to resonate with a more people than we initially thought it might. And it means we have a lot to build to really nail screenshots and annotations. We're early on in the product lifecycle, so we don't have everything our users want just yet. Specifically one area that we hear a lot about is screen capture and video.

While we know this is a pain point for a lot of people, we don't want to solve it just yet. First, as we indicated, we have a lot we want to do with screenshots and annotations first. If we start to build out video features now, we'll end up with inferior products in both categories. Second, both categories have a lot of competitors. In the video/screen capture arena there are some big ones with pretty darn good products, like Loom. And while I think we could create a something as good or even better, it would be a lot of work for our small team. Also, we've learned from users that screenshots/annotations and screen captures/videos are generally two separate activities. It's fairly easy for users to use one software for one thing and another software for the other. Sure, it's nice to have a unified solution, but sometimes it's better to use the best product for a very specific need.

For now, we think it's better for us to focus on getting screenshots and annotations perfect. Then we can re-visit video and screen captures.

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We hope you'll hang with us while we iterate to perfection on the screenshot/annotation front. We have a lot in store. And please, keep the feedback coming, even if it's about video, we still want to know what you all need.

Here's a list of some features coming down the pipe:

  1. Text Tool Variations - Outline, Highlight, Solid Background
  2. New Tools - Highlighter, Blur, Solid Box/Oval, Straight Line, Position Locking (45', 90'), Numbered List, Comments, Signature Box, Zoom In/Out
  3. Export & Share - Export to PDF, share links with passwords, expiring links, public/private links, invite by email
  4. Metrics - Markup views, shares, downloads, size, etc.
  5. Multi Image Canvas - Create a collection of markups organized by a single URL
  6. More File Types - Annotate PDF's, Google Docs, Websites, Word Files; we want to allow annotating of literally anything
  7. Scrolling Capture - Scroll a website or desktop application to take long form screenshots
  8. Multi-Select Tools - Change color, copy, paste, delete multiple canvas objects at once
  9. Cropping or Resizing Images and Canvas - Easily change the size and shape of your image, or modify the canvas area so you have more room to work
  10. Slicing - Cut a canvas into multiple and combine into a collection or separate
  11. Adding Images and Other Objects - Paste images on top of images as well as emoji's, gifs or other files